Seventh & Eighth Grade

Rebecca Heston

Seventh & Eighth Grade Math / Science Teacher

Dr. Heston (“Ms. Rebecca”) is quite excited to be a part of the dynamic Connect community! She began her teaching career in Pennsylvania, and has specialized degrees in environmental/outdoor education, natural sciences, educational leadership, and narrative research (which means using stories to learn about big ideas). As a member of the 7th/8th grade team, Dr. Heston collaborates heavily to deliver core classes in science, literacy, socio-emotional learning, and project-based learning. Her classroom always has plants, classroom pets, a class library, and technological connections to reflect this. Outside of core time, Dr. Heston also serves as teacher or teacher advisor for the Culinary Science middle school elective, Drama Club, Yearbook Club, Pets In Need Reading Connections Program, and Morning Homework Help. She believes that all students need a combination of compassionate, fun, and academically rigorous instruction to help them self-advocate and succeed in today’s competitive world.