What Parents Say

Here’s what parents of current Connect students have to say about the school:

“I love Connect because it is a school that allows me to help, support, and become involved, thus making it feel like home. I say UNITED and CONNECTED!”

“What drew us to Connect is how devoted it is to teaching kids to not only love learning, but to love challenge, and to persist in the face of difficulty. This is essential for producing lifelong learners who can adapt to the many changes ahead of us. And Connect is incorporating the latest and best research from psychology and education to make this happen.”

“We love Connect for many reasons but the most important as a parent is to see our daughter happy to go to school. She enjoys the school so much.  Thank you so much for everything.”

“It feels personal. The teachers and staff have a personal interest in creating a good learning environment. They have a sense of purpose.  They’re there to do the best they can for our children.”

“Our daughter has truly blossomed in the unique, nurturing environment Connect provides. The school combines cutting-edge, inquiry-based learning; the high-degree of personalization and intimacy only smaller schools can provide; and a deep commitment towards fostering STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).”

“I’m so happy to have my daughter in this school and with how the teachers are teaching. They help kids in their lives, it is wonderful learning and practice.  They grow in education, behavior,  to be mature, moral, and of course to be successful in college.”

“It’s like school plus summer camp. While they are learning the standard grammar school curriculum, my kids are also getting opportunities to explore, investigate, and collaborate. Their school assignments often tap into hands-on activities they’ve done, so the work feels more meaningful and fun.”

““Redwood City is going through an amazing transformation with the most vibrant, creative and culturally-rich scene of the Peninsula and the influx of new start-ups and technology firms.  Connect is the charter school that reflects that spirit in its unique educational model.”

“Connect is everything I wanted for my daughter’s education and more. The inquiry-based learning, the art classes, the social emotional learning (where children learn to deal with their own emotions and to care for others), the fantastic teachers, the dedicated staff, the cultural diversity, the communal feel, and the availability of the board, always welcoming new ideas and input.”