Our Charter Petition

The Redwood City School District voted to approve our petition on August 29, 2012.  We are grateful for their decision and look forward to continuing a strong and collaborative relationship.

If you would like to learn more about the school, we invite you to read our petition and the appendices. In the petition, you will find information about our mission and values, our educational philosophy, our curriculum and instructional design, and many details about assessment, governance, community outreach plans, and other topics. In the appendices, you can look at our planned budget, become informed about self-science, see samples of our curriculum planning, read about a typical school day, and learn more about our founders and advisors, among other things.

Charter schools are part of the public education system, so they are free to attend and must meet all the standards set by the state.  However, they have a great deal of flexibility in setting up a curriculum and school structure.

To learn more about charter schools, we suggest these resources: