What is Connect Community Charter School?

At our free, public, charter school, we welcome the whole community to our classrooms. Connect serves children from kindergarten through 8th grade. We started with just some grades, and we added grades each year until all became available, in the 2016-17 school year.

How many classes are in each grade?
We have one class in each elementary grade (K-5) and up to two classes in each middle school grade (6-8).

What makes Connect special?
At Connect, children learn by making and doing, so they become deeply engaged in their academic work.  They also learn how to made good decisions about their lives, behavior, and relationships. We set high standards for all children and provide the support they need to meet those standards, using teaching methods that draw on research about how kids learn best.  We believe traits like persistence, resilience, and motivation can be taught, and that children need them to succeed. We invite you to read the text of our petition and the appendices, which gives more detail about our plans.

What are the benefits of attending?
Connect prepares children to succeed in high school and college, and to take on the jobs of the future that we can only imagine today.  By focusing on collaboration, leadership, and decision-making, children learn how to take charge of their own futures and create positive change in their communities.

Where is it located?
We are pleased to be located on the campus of Fair Oaks Community School.

How can I enroll my child?
Learn how here.

Are special education resources available?
Yes. As a public school, we must meet the same standards for making special education resources available as any other school in the district.  As a small school, we do not have all the same resources available that larger school might have; we work with families to coordinate to meet students’ needs.

Ia there help for students learning English?
Yes. We take an approach called “structured immersion,” meaning that we teach in English, but provide help and support for students who are learning English.

How is students’ progress evaluated?
Because we are a public school, our students take the same standardized tests as all California schoolchildren. In addition, teachers at Connect Community Charter School create personal educational goals for every student, accounting for their social-emotional learning as well as their academic achievement.

Will this school prepare students for high school and college?
Yes. It is our goal to have every student succeed in high school and be prepared for success in college and their eventual careers as well. We have high academic standards for all students, and we help them succeed by making sure they are engaged in learning and have the support they need.

How qualified are the teachers?
Our teachers are credentialed in accordance with public school standards. In addition, we offer extensive professional development, mentoring, and collaboration to make sure teachers continue to learn and stay up-to-date on research and advances in education. They use creativity, play, and inquiry to encourage critical and creative thinking. Because we are a charter school, they have the flexibility to build units and lessons tailored specifically to the interests and needs of the class and individual students.

How is a charter school different from the schools of choice in the district?
Charter schools are exempt from some of the regulations that apply to other public schools, so they have more flexibility to create different curriculum and offer different educational approaches. However, charter schools must meet the same standards for quality that apply to all public schools.

Do we have to pay to attend?
No, Community Connect Charter School is a free, public school.

Are parents required to volunteer at the school?
All families will be asked to commit to being involved in their child’s education, but that involvement can take many forms. We welcome and encourage participation in the classroom and elsewhere.

If I am applying to Connect, should I also enroll my child for school in the district?
YES!  We cannot guarantee a spot for you at Connect, so please enroll your child in a district school as well. Find information about the district enrollment process at www.rcsdk8.net/enrollment.

Do you have a question that is not answered here?  Please send us an email: info@connectrwc.org.  We will do our best to respond, and may also expand our FAQs.