Educational Model

What makes Connect special?  Why will it be a great place for your child? The shortest answer is that it will prepare your child to succeed in school, career, and relationships.  So how do we do that, while meeting all the same standards and covering all the same material as any public school?

See it all at glance here.

  • Hands-on learning.  Students do lots of projects and experiments, direct their own learning, and have many ways to learn about the subjects at hand. Hands-on learning is what you will notice most when you visit a Connect classroom: an exciting, engaging environment where children are purposefully pursuing their learning goals as they work on their projects, whether in a group, with a partner, or independently.  They are asking big questions and making discoveries like the scientists, writers, mathematicians, or other professionals they may choose to become.  We teach this way because we believe (and research shows us) that it’s the way children learn best.  Hands-on learning means children love learning and meet high academic standards.
  • Self-management skills and empathy.  Children learn skills in collaboration, leadership, and good decision-making. We help kids with these skills so that they can learn effectively each day, as well as take charge of their futures.  When children have empathy and self-management skills, they make good choices about their life, behavior, and relationships.
  • Connection.  We create community by giving teachers time to know children personally, requiring parent involvement, and making personalized education plans for each child.  In addition, children connect their learning to real life through projects that serve their communities. Connection means children feel valued and have the support they need to learn and succeed.